Robin K Moore is an author and creator of children’s books and short stories.  She raised her four children in the Hawaiian Islands for twenty years and read them thousands of books.  Her stories are gifts back to the reading community for the many quality hours she spent with a book in hand.


Member SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)

From the Author:
Reading aloud was my passion from the age of nine. I would take the Book of Treasured Childrens’ Fairytales into my room and read aloud the poems, rhymes, short stories and classics as a child and young adult.  I also loved the idea of reading aloud to children and spent hours reading to my four children and at library story times. Many times, we would exhaust our library card limits on a daily basis. To appease their appetites for stories at the end of a day, I would begin creating stories aloud from my imagination. Chicken Joe, Move It Melissa, Dirty Diaper Baby and other characters were born on the edge of bedtime dreamland.

As my children grew, I taught classes on the mechanics of storytelling and would often use my own stories as examples. When my last child (THE Dirty Diaper Baby)  headed off to high school, I began to pen my stories one by one into a children’s book format.

The publishing world is a vast and complicated place. Navigating the road has almost seemed like a second job but I am persistently educating myself in getting my books to the marketplace. Thank you for joining me! I hope you become a lifelong fan and that my stories engage your imagination.

My Favorite Kid Books

Professor Diggins Dragons, Tasty Baby Belly Buttons, The Big Sneeze, Are You My Mother?


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