New Road


This is a new road.

In our contract negotiations with clients, Rob and I had become pretty proficient over the years in including options and terms we knew we could live up to. Working the terms of the agreement to our benefit before signing was a pretty standard procedure.

Much the same, we took a vow before God 30 years ago. We agreed on some terms to  be fulfilled like: “for better or for worse.” Believe me, we stretched to both ends on that one.  As for the other terms, the “richer or poorer” thing was a pretty easy clause to keep (we kept to the richer side) as was the “forsaking all others” (I thought he was pretty darn hot!).

Honestly, the “in sickness or in health” certainly gave us some challenges, but by far and away the “til death do us part” has been the most excruciating term of the contract for me to fulfill.

Even though we had an excellent marriage that abided by the Word of God on all sides, I never really fully considered how this is all was going to end. Divorce and affairs and abandonment are ends, but not successful ones (and certainly not painless ones). A happy wonderful marriage successfully ends with a “til death do us part”. That has been a thought I had never entertained. TBH, I don’t think there is a better way to end a marriage than by the “til death do us part”, but it certainly isn’t any less painful.  Yet, I can only press on towards the goals that God has for me in my next season of life. I can only cling to the Word of God which assures me “that my LIGHT and MOMENTARY troubles are achieving for me a final glory which far outweighs them all.” He has a plan for me with a future and a hope. The best is yet to come and He will never leave or forsake me. He is the lifter of my head on this new road before me. #intentionalmarriage #contractfulfillment #ultimatewin


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