Getting DONE. (and undone)


Rob Moore’s primary life language was Do-er. His chief aim each day was to get things DONE.  As an influencer, he was great at getting you to DO what he could not. Even as he became disabled, he could DO MORE than most able-bodied men. Because his primary language was so frustrated by his disability, he grew his fluency in being a shaper, a producer, responder, contemplator and mover.  I have never seen someone’s languages so compressed, yet the intensity so high.  The reason he was so effective in communicating is that he would flow from language to language seemlessly.

Rob’s favorite book of the bible, James, talks of pure and faultless religion involving taking care of widows in their distress. (v1:27)

His heart of getting things DONE would have been moved to tears by the Mighty Men who came to complete the “Honey Do List” at his house for his widow in his absence. The men of our church (and even some women and children) were knocking it out and speaking his language!

They have shown themselves to be not only hearers of the Word, but Doers. (v1:22) and God will bless each one of them for it. (v1:25)

As Rob’s wife,

I am sending back a great big MAHALO to each one of them. His “honey DO” list was completely DONE and as the recipient of such love, I am completely UNDONE!   I just wanted to say that I might not know all of your names, but heaven surely does. 😇🙌



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