The Knot

May 10/2015:

Scent, like music, evokes powerful memories. Long story short, I have been wearing the same perfume for 30 years in my marriage. It was a very unique to Hawaii perfume, and have not been able to get it for the past 10 years but had stocked up heavily on a supply.

⌛️ I had just opened my last bottle this past year and Rob had promised to take me perfume shopping for a new scent for our 30th anniversary in January.

🔗🔗 The Knot by Bottega Veneta symbolized the marriage knot we had tied 30 years prior and the future we had looked forward to having. It was pricey, but oh so worth it. Although he had selected my new scent, he died three weeks before our “perfume date.”

💳 Fast Forward: One of the precious provisions God has blessed me with is a band of brothers my husband had in the fellowship of Mighty Men at Elevate Life Church. One of them (together with his wife) have blessed me with the generous gift of a bottle of this special scent. It will forever remind me of the love my Rob had for me.

🌺Mahalo, Rob, my Kuuipo 🌺 You found a way to always remain in my heart and my head (and my nose!). #nameyourperfumebelow


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