A Priceless Position


May 17/2015

I was a young wife and didn’t know any better. For the first 10 years of my marriage I used all of my skills of leadership to crush my husband’s spirit. He was destined to fail in leading me, because I never allowed him to. It wasn’t until the Lord showed me how to be undercover that I learned a great lesson: Although God has graced me with many skills for leadership, he had not given me that position.

God showed me that we could do far more together, with me supporting him with my leadership, than we ever could do with me in the lead.

Our second 10 years together we were unstoppable. I was the Robin to his Batman. I was the neck to his head. I was the one who was the wind beneath his wings. Our influence grew. Our ministry grew. Our parenting was blessed. And our marriage was highly anointed and favored. All my dreams came true when I died to myself.

If I could tell young married women one thing I would say, “Develop your self, but never forget the priceless position that God has given you with your husband.” Genesis 2:18 #completer #suitablehelper #hecouldntlivewithoutme #yourgreatnessisinyourunity


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