4/23/15 Happy Birthday, Baby

IMG_9899April 23, 2015:

On Rob’s 22nd birthday, I showed up at his place of work and asked him to get into the tuxedo. He willingly complied and I whisked him off to the airport.

Boarding a plane to the mystery destination, he had a fun time joking with everyone in the seats around him. He told people that he was going to prom, he told them that he was going to a wedding, and even told him that he was going to the Emmy’s.

When we deplaned, there was a limo waiting on the tarmac. Rob joked with the people around him that he “hated it when the help came right up to the plane.”He loved the fact that everyone was whispering and wondering who he was.

IMG_6484We had champagne and watched a beautiful sunset in San Diego, California. Then I took him out to the Hotel de Coronado on Coronado Island for a magnificent night of dinner and dancing.

The look on his face was priceless when I told him that we were flying home at midnight. Yes, I flew him to California just for dinner and dancing.

He later told me that was the night that he knew he wanted to marry me. He asked me four months later on a beach in Barbados. #wellplayedmrsmoore #almosthisbirthday #celebrationweek



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