Paradise Marriage

January 12/2015

I find it wonderful that I was married in Paradise Valley. Even before I accepted Jesus, he led me to Paradise and gave me the best gift ever–a husband named Rob Moore. ❤️ Our dads are Stan & Steve. Our moms are Katie & Kay (and it is their middle name for both!) His sis & my bro are Darby & Derek. (Plus my twin sisters Missy & Mindy. Our sisters were married to Mick & Mark. Even our family dogs were both named Bernie. God went to an extraordinary length to assure me with supernatural markers and miracles that this was the man of my destiny. I had dated another boy all through high

Arizona Marriage Certificate

Arizona Marriage Certificate

school (my choice, not Gods) and had my heart broken. After some growing, God put Rob in my life. He wasn’t like my previous love. He was balanced, mature, strong, honorable and wouldn’t play games. I saw loyalty in action for 30+ years. I would not trade a day of drama/crazy/foolish infatuation with the kind of love we built. It was based on kingdom principles, steadfast trust and a shared vision and values. Word to the young: you don’t FIND a soulmate; you develop into one. ‪#‎mineishangingwithJesus‬ ‪#‎igotworktodo‬ ‪#‎hewasalwaysthefavorite‬


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