Birthday Celebrations

April 19/2015

Rob’s birthday week was always spent celebrating his mother. Her birthday was a few

Rob and his mom, Katy

Rob and his mom, Katy

days before his and he was always available to share the time to honor her. She was his absolute favorite person to call talk to every week of his life. She has been the most fabulous, supportive, loving mother-in-love that a girl could ask for and an amazing faith-filled grandmother (Mimi) to our children. This week I celebrate you, Katy!!! 😙😇 Happy Birthday!




Happy Birthday to Rob’s mom who shares his birthday week! How wonderful to have a loving mother for every year of your entire life. Thank you for raising a respectful and honorable man who loved me so well.

Rob and Katy

Rob and Katy

Thank you for encouraging his leadership in the faith that was so central to the hope he had. Thank you for gracefully allowing him to join his earthly father, Stan, a little earlier than we were all ready to let him go. You shared more than a birthday week, you shared a mother/son bond that was and is truly inspiring. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I love you to pieces!!!





Happy Birthday week continues! This is Greg Knight. He and Rob shared birthday week with a camping party they called their “April Bash”.

Greg Knight & Rob

Greg Knight & Rob

Horseshoes, ATV riding, jet boat skiing and shenanigans were all part of the weekend. Greg’s wife Tami and I went along to keep things at a dull roar 🍻 If you know the story, Greg and Tami went on to have set of twins and then triplets (all in one year) to add to their son Preston John. Six kids under the age of three! The five multiples had red curly hair just like Greg’s. What a trip! ‪#‎robjustsawthemlastyear‬ ‪#‎35yearfriendship‬


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