Heart-pounding Belly-twisting Nervousness

There is nothing like an impending critique to get your blood pumping.  As a new member of a children’s book writing association, I signed up for an open critique session with a group of my peers.

For my first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What I found was a group of helpful earnest people who really want to spur one another on to finding their own personal greatness.  My initial heart-pounding turned to heart warming as I listened to authors share their unpublished stories.  


Around the table we went.  The twisting in my belly was being countered by the voice in my head.

“Don’t be a baby, share your work.”

“No, I can’t! It is so unpolished and not ready for this level!”

“Just suck it up and hear what they have to say.”

“Deep breath. Go.”

The nervousness was pushed down by determination.  I heard my voice tremble a bit as I began to read… “Joe was a pound dog…but he wanted a forever family.”


Okay, it wasn’t bad at all.  Everyone shared some positive words.  They shared some needed critical viewpoints.  They shared some great ideas to make my work better.  I had braced myself for the worst and it was incredibly good instead.

The whole experience left me excited about my own stories, open to hearing the opinions of fellow sojourners in this writing experience and incredibly blessed to know that other people have paved the way with their own heart-pounding and belly-twisting nervousness .


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